About our Mills

A Willemsen grinder is available in three different sizes.

  • FF7 → 400mm wide grinding unit

  • FF8 → 600mm wide grinding unit

  • FF9 → 800mm wide grinding unit

So why is the current FF7 called FF7/5 and the FF8/2 when they both have a rotor diameter of 1150mm?


The question is easy to answer. The small grinding cabinet has been running since the first generation and has become larger and larger due to the lower engine speed in order to maintain the peripheral speed. The FF8 was brought to life by engines over 500 hp and was first installed in 1998.


A PTO grinder, such as the one we have been offering since 2017, has a mirrored grinder cabinet of the FF7/5 in order to fulfil the drive direction of the tractor with as little power loss as possible. Here, however, we do not work with a direct drive, but with a belt drive to achieve our desired circumferential speed at 1000 PTO revolutions.

PTO grinder

FF7/5 W-ZW

FF7/5 W-ZW-K80

FF8/2 W-ZW-K80

Up to 500 hp

FF7/5 W


FF7/5 W-K-M

Up to 800 hp

FF8/2 W

FF8/2 W-K-M


Up to 1100 hp

FF9/2 W


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