PTO Grinder

Attach and go!

That is our motto in the PTO mill sector. A mill without a lot of technology that does not differ in flour quality  from machines with their own motors.


The PTO grinders were developed by us to enable large tractors to achieve higher capacity utilisation. For efficient utilisation of the grinding unit, we recommend a tractor output of 200 - 500 hp.

Whether turning or folding!

If you are looking for a PTO grinder with a little more comfort, the K80 is definitely worth considering. Thanks to a 7 metre long conveyor belt, overloading heights of 4 metres are no problem. The 180 degree swivelling hopper with its own filling auger makes feeding and storing much easier.


If you prefer to drive in as usual, we offer a folding bunker that does not exceed a width of 3 metres when driving on the road. In the field, driving in is made easier and the volume is increased when the bunker is folded out to 3.50 metres.

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