FF7/5 W-K

With or without a cabin?

You have this choice when you choose an FF7/5 W-M from us. Both machines have the same engine power and are designed for small to medium-sized companies. The average output per hour is around 80 tonnes.


The only thing that sets these machines apart from their competitors is their convenience. If you are prepared to control the machine using a radio remote control, an FF7/5 W-M-ECO should be a good choice. If you want something a little more comfortable, then you should perhaps opt for an FF7/5 W-K-M, as it comes with an air-conditioned cab and radio as standard.

Various models with one motor

Whether with or without a cab, we offer the FF7/5 in a wide variety of versions. Since 2017, we have also had a variant in our programme that has a telescopic conveyor belt and its own wheel drive.


The bunker can be ordered either as a hinged floor or as an intermediate bunker with filling auger.

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